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GRP Group has over 40 years experience in converting  fridge vans and works with all the major fridge and van manufacturers. Our vast manufacturing experience , along with recent investment and developments, has placed us at the forefront of the fridge van conversion market. We offer full ATP Certification and provide impressive warranties on both our ENVIRO-lite™ and CORE-tecc™ product range.

What our clients are saying...

Chris Birch a franchisee of Cook in Taunton has been loyal down the years. We first built for them in 2011 (and having helpfully arranged disposal of their current vehicle) and have recently completed two more to deep frozen specification.
Chris Birch of Cook Taunton
Nick Weller comments " We have worked hard with GRP to derive a build specification which suits the maximum number of applications required. It's important that we can put out our equipment to as many different types of end user as possible. GRP Leeds provide us with all this and more.
Nick weller SHB Hire
"We have a strong relationship with GRP and have placed conversion business with them over many years" comments Robert Smith.
Robert Smith
"Keep doing what you do now. Your customer service,professionalism,expertise and superior build quality is something for others to aspire to. A pleasure to do business with you."
Tonya Dunn Acelity
National Blood Fleet
Lawrence Ness GRP Sales Director says ....
We have used GRP for all our panel vans for a number of years now and I am always mightily impressed with not only the finished product but also the professionalism and knowledge of their staff. We look forward to placing many more vehicles with GRP in the future
Graham Jenkins, Managing Director Pioneer Foodservice

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