Our traditional conversion method has proved to be extremely durable and hardwearing

GRP Group has been converting vans for temperature controlled applications for nearly 40 years. Our ongoing commitment to refining and improving our manufacturing technique has meant that the GRP Group name has become synonymous with a high-quality product, with strength and resilience at its core.

Robust conversions

We pioneered the use of the “wet-lay laminate” conversion method with our CORE-tecc product. It is extremely durable and hardwearing, as well as retaining high levels of thermal efficiency.

Our CORE-tecc (Temperature Controlled Conversion) is popular, particularly amongst customers with heavy duty or multi-purpose usage in mind. By delivering durable and efficient products, we have retained our market leading position throughout the last four decades.

In addition to the quality conversions we also work with the world’s leading refrigeration manufacturers, incorporating the latest developments to complement our advanced production techniques.

Product Benefits

The CORE-tecc product ensures a waterproof environment that is unrivalled in its overall strength. Pressure washing, pallet loading and heavy handed fork lift operators rarely make a dent on this powerhouse conversion. So confident are we in its integrity that we offer our customers a 5 year warranty on the CORE-tecc product range.

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