The GRP Group has a long and successful history, specialising in the manufacture of refrigerated transport solutions since our formation in 1973. The company was originally established by Don Rastrick and under his stewardship the business developed in to the UKs foremost manufacturer of temperature controlled vehicles.

In 2010 Don Rastrick officially retired and a new management team, led by Duncan Read, took over the reins. Since taking over the business, the management team has injected new funds, thereby allowing significant recent investment in production methods and the development of new associated products.

Cost effective conversion

Through the implementation of new technology and machinery, we can now combine the use of modern, efficiently-manufactured materials with tried and tested elements of our traditional build process – to provide a cost effective conversion.
The ENVIRO-lite product is a competitively priced conversion solution that can be up to 25% cheaper than many traditional conversion methods. It maintains strength and thermal performance, whilst having the added benefit of being socially and environmentally responsible. It also comes with a 3 year GRP conversion warranty.
In addition we are an accredited converter for all the major van manufacturers, producing products synonymous with quality to meet all end users’ needs. We work with the world’s leading refrigeration manufacturers, incorporating the latest developments to complement our advanced production techniques.

Environmentally conscious

The GRP Group has a longstanding policy of helping to protect the environment. The ENVIRO-lite product has allowed us to step up our commitment to the reduction of CO2 emissions through the sourcing of raw materials which have won awards for innovation in environmental technology.
Being non-carcinogenic and free from heavy metals, the laminated structures are produced safely and efficiently with production by-products harnessed and re-used. We have also reduced our own atmospheric emissions significantly whilst decreasing production wastage via the manufacturing process of the ENVIRO-lite conversion.


The technology behind the ENVIRO-lite product means that it’s lighter than many conversions. This has a positive impact on the environment throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle, as less fuel use reduces the CO2 emissions and associated transport costs.
In addition the lighter construction method has the added benefit of increasing the vehicle’s payload, thereby further reducing overhead costs.

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